Hi Vegan supporters ,

When it comes to making sure that you’re eating the right food and getting the best nutritional intake in your vegan diet, you may be like others and try some pretty ineffective stuff. Have you tried any of the following, thinking that they would work?
  • Following a restrictive diet plan that left you feeling tired, listless and without energy
  • Buying into every latest fad and trend in the vegan world, only to find that the results were simply not as expected
  • Spending hundreds of dollars a week on specially prepared meals that were delicious – but left your bank account empty.People come into the vegan lifestyle for all sorts of reasons – and for many, they’re surprised to find out that their diet simply isn’t giving them the nutrition that they need. That’s not surprising, as there are a lot of myths and half-truths being spread around these days rather than solid and actionable information and guidance to help people like you make the right choices every day. One simple choice many vegans don’t make is simple – and I encourage you to start practicing it right now: reduce your intake of soft drinks. Soft drinks are sugar-filled concoctions that are designed to destroy your health! It may seem a little different from what you’ve been taught, and certainly different to what some so-called vegan gurus are telling you. But down the road, I know you will thank me. In fact, applying just this one change – one of many you’ll learn and understand after reading The Guide to Vegan Nutrition – will lead to some pretty remarkable breakthroughs for vegan folks like you who want to be vegan and healthy. I received this feedback just the other day: " I have found this book to be the most 'straight to the point' in explaining all aspects of Vegan Nutrition. It has been my stepping stone to learn, and apply in my lifestyle.  I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to read this guide, I would highly recommend this book for those seeking a well rounded informative explanation of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle! " If you are committed to living a healthy vegan lifestyle, get your copy of The Guide to Vegan Nutrition today for a comprehensive, life-changing resource
Kind regards,
Chef Eitan Raz
Author of The Guide to Vegan Nutrition