Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan Lifestyle

What does the word 'vegan' mean?
Many people have heard a little bit about "vegans," or perhaps have an acquaintance who is a vegan, and they are curious about what this word means.
If you are considering becoming vegan because it concerns nothing but giving up meat and becoming a vegetarian, think again. While becoming vegan is perhaps the healthiest decision that you could take, it is not merely becoming a vegetarian – it is more than that.
What is a Vegan?
A vegan is a Puritan kind of vegetarian who not only gives up animal products for health reasons but believes in displaying his or her concern for the animal world in the way he or she lives and eats. A vegan would go all out to protect animal rights and would not touch products which have been derived from animal origin like honey, yogurt, milk, cheese, etc.
A vegan is not about giving up fish, meat, and eggs; it involves adopting a brand new mindset. Becoming vegan therefore means that you are taking the strictest form of vegetarianism and would need a tremendous amount of willpower and dedication to remain one.
Becoming vegan also means not using accessories of animal origin like furs, silk, leather or wool. You would not approve of using animals for lab testing even if such tests are done to research or develop healthcare products.
Diet of a vegan
A vegan can eat anything that does not contain (or is processed using) meat, dairy or other animal based products. Their diet will be based on fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, whole-grains, tofu, "mock" meat and dairy products (or meat and dairy 'clones'), dairy-free treats such as cakes or brownies, and vegan chocolate.
Contrary to popular belief, foods on this lifestyle have the capability to be flavorsome and satisfying (rather than dull and boring). There are many amazing vegan recipes available nowadays to create 'clones' of your favorite meals, desserts, and snacks. It has often been said that vegan foods and meals are tastier and more enjoyable than their standard counterparts!
Why adopt veganism
Persons choose a vegan lifestyle for some reasons, usually for one of the reasons listed below.
● It's well-reported health benefits. This includes weight loss, healthy skin (eliminates acne, psoriasis etc.), elimination of allergies, increases longevity, increases energy, strengthens nails, healthier hair, reduces saturated fats, prevents heart attack and stroke, treats or reverses some cancers (particularly prostate), alleviates arthritis as well as an extensive list of other renowned health benefits attributed to this lifestyle.
● To avoid animal-based food-borne disease. Abstaining from meat and dairy guards' against E. coli, Salmonella, and mad cow disease. It also prevents dangerous hormones and antibiotics entering our bodies that are fed to animals. (Note: Certain hormones fed to animals has been identified to cause tumors in humans).
●For animal rights: Many people adopt this lifestyle for animal rights. Every year animals are cruelly slaughtered, caged, fed, injected and treated for meat or dairy.
● For the environment: Many people abstain from animal-based products to help save the environment.
● Food Consumed: An individual who adopts veganism will eat a diet high in natural foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, berries and dried fruit, sprouts and herbs, fresh juices and smoothies, whole-grains, legumes and beans, vegan cacao (chocolate) and dairy-free treats such as cakes, muffins, and slices.

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